Mariia Lopatkina

Art Consultant | | Art Historian

∇ Saint Petersburg, Russia

Art Consulting services of searching objects of art, assisting clients in building world-class collections and the creation of a fascinating process of collecting.

I work with art in the middle and higher price segment with the goal of transforming the interior from simple mediocre to ultra-modern.

I build collections of contemporary art through collaboration with artists, galleries and museums, and an open dialogue about preferences.

I search for collectible posters, fine art, sculpture and interior design items.

In addition to consulting services, I provide a full service for collection management, art room design, and administrative support.


Арт-Консалтинговый сервис по поиску предметов искусства, помощи клиентам в построении коллекций мирового уровня и созданию увлекательного процесса коллекционирования.

Я работаю с искусством в среднем и выше ценовом сегменте с целью превращения интерьера из простого заурядного в ультра-современный.

Выстраиваю коллекции современного искусства через сотрудничество с художниками, галереями и музеями, и открытый диалог о предпочтениях.

Произвожу поиск коллекционных постеров, изобразительного искусства, скульптуры, дпи, дизайнерских предметов интерьера.

В дополнение к консультативным услугам, представляю полный сервис по управлению коллекцией, дизайну помещений под искусство и администранивной поддержкой. 


Collaborating with artists and galleries 

I will help you choose an art, decor and fabrics to your  interiors

Full service support in any questions about choosing, buying and conservation art.

you can watch my lectures about artists and styles 

or search me by yourself on youbute with same name .

this platform with always update.

Introduction into the art world. 

Visit an exhibitions, vernissages and museums. 

The possibility of making an individual art-meeting. (long-term cooperation)

You can make a request for supporting you at art fairs or auctions for the purpose of buying art or just a simple searching.  

I will help you to choose appropriate art-residence, prepare documents and be ready for selected organization. 

I keep in touch with the organizers for up to actual information.

My residence`s list is always update. 

More detailed information



Art produces taste


«We all associate our lives with art, someone more, someone less. 

Art prioritizes and helps to distinguish the goog from bad. Art is a game on opposites, it makes you think, overcome and grow.

And not always the “beautiful” become close, more often the “ugly obscure art” is the perfect moment of the artist`s brush.